Finding creative ways to generate an income from little to no resources can be a challenge, a worthwhile one though. Here are some tried and tested options to visit so you can support yours, in an ever changing climate.  

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping offers an opportunity to earn an income without leaving the comfort of your own space. It also takes the weight off of having to maintain a stock inventory because you are sourcing products from a wholesaler or manufacturer who is equipped to handle the logistics around the process. Your main focus is to ensure you select reputable suppliers to ensure your customer satisfaction in conjunction to understand varying countries imports and exports processes and taxes. Try a portal for sourcing from Dropshipping Helps.

Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing holds the same outsourcing process as drop shipping, except this time, you will be promoting skill and service based commerce as apposed to products. The benefits here are insurmountable, however working with an intangible base will require more quality control as to  how to deliver an effective digital service, very similar to what we do here at Click Republic Pty Ltd. Other examples include; remote work, digital marketing, research, surveys, accounting, counseling, recruitment or offering a skills based service, online for a price. Your main challenge will be developing a database of qualified and credible human recourses.

Service or skills Based Commerce

Instead of developing a website where customers can select their services from a variety of options in drop servicing, this one is a bit more personally focussed on your individual skill on offer. If you have any qualification, you are in luck. Any specific talent… You are ahead of the game! So SELL IT. Advertise your unique skill or service that can be delivered digitally and utilize an education portal, online chat platform, or video mentorship in order to offer those who are locationally restricted from these recourses; an advantage. 

Other considerations; Stocks, Crypto, Forex or even online Betting – Win Win Much?  


Teach Online

This one can be honed in to your own personal website, similar to the Skills Based Commerce, except it can be even easier to just sign up with an education portal. In this scenario, you can instead, join a database in order to foster the education of others while getting paid. On Top. 

Start your own Website

The sky is the limit here. Some incredibly powerful options to consider include writing and selling an E-Book, donations & fund-raising, selling advertising space on your blog, generate leads for companies, offer pay per click Seo services through Google ad-sense, Niche industry based E-mail Marketing or even buy and flip domain names. Contact us for your very own website today!

In Conclusion

In an environment where so many physical and health challenges are present, getting your head in the clouds, might not be such a bad idea after-all. 

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